All phones and tablets come with 1 year official international warranty or local warranty that can be claimed at authorized service providers (as appointed by the product's manufacturer) here in Pakistan.  

In case of any warranty claims, the customer will directly claim the warranty from the product's manufacturer or its locally appointed service provider.

AppleMan does not provide any services as part of warranty claims or facilitation.

Products are original and sold as is. If a manufacturer's product is found not working, or having any malfunction, or scratchy out of the box, we will not accept any claim, or issue any refund, or provide any facilitation in getting to replace/resolve such unit.

We don't manufacture any Apple products, we only sell them. If an Apple product sold to the client is found not original, we will accept claim and bear any penalty.

All phones sold at AppleMan are PTA approved/registered at the time of sale to the client. If an iPhone's approved status is revoked afterwards, by PTA or by the government for any reason, we will not accept any claims regarding the issue. Customer will directly approach PTA to resolve such revoked/approved status issues.