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iPad Paper Film Screen Protector - WIWU

Save Rs.1,001

Size: iPad Pro 11 inches
Material: Matte
Rs.3,499 Rs.4,500



Wiwu iPaper paper-like protect film is a protective film for the iPad, which has a special structure simulating the surface of paper. This allows you to draw and write on the gadget display using Apple Pencil, with the feeling of working with a paper carrier, not with a smooth surface of the screen. The accessory is optimized to create an ideal friction and correct resistance to the movement of the stylus, thus providing optimal accuracy and maximum realistic tactile sensations.

  • Protective film for drawing wiwu iPaper paper-like protect film uses special micro-balls that cause the tip of Apple Pencil to vibrate a little. Also, their use ensures the uniform passage of light from the screen without refractions and diffuses.
  • Wiwu iPaper paper-like protect film does not only creates the drawing effect on paper, but also protects the surface of iPad Pro 11 ”’From scratches, scuffs and contaminants. It also does not allow you to leave fingerprints and oily, oily stains on the display surface. Matte Anti-glare coating of the accessory will allow you to work with the tablet on the street on a bright sunny day.


  • Imitation drawing on paper
  • Does not distort the image on the screen
  • Increases the operating life of the stylus tip
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Anti-glare
  • Does not leave fingerprints
  • Protection against scratches and scuffs
  • Easy Installation

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