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USB Type-C to Lightning PD 36W Data Cable

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Color: White
Rs.2,250 Rs.3,000


One of the reasons why the phone battery drains quickly is the use of non-standard charging cables. Due to overcharging with improper input voltage and current, the battery will gradually be damaged and destroyed. Mcdodo has solved many of these problems by designing the iPhone charging and data cable. This cable has a Lightning connector and is suitable for iPhone phones.

  • Length 1.2 meters / 4 Feet
  • Power 36 watts
  • This product is available in two colours
  • This cable is made of ABS plastic and woven nylon, which has good resistance to stretching, tearing, bending and knotting.
  • The material of the wire core is made of thick steel, and several layers of protection are placed on it, which makes charging faster and safer.
  • The length of this cable is 120cm and is very suitable for daily use as it is not too long to be uncomfortable and not too short to be restrictive.
  • The connectors of this cable are made of metal, which increases its resistance to impact and pressure and provides a more solid connection.
  • Data transfer and PD fast charging
  • This cable provides information and data transfer as well as charging. Using this cable, you can easily transfer your data at a speed of 480Mbps (maximum).
  • The maximum output current of the this cable is equal to 3 Amps, which allows you to charge your devices at very high speed.
  • This cable supports PD fast charging protocol, which allows you to charge your devices at high speed. 
  • Its maximum power will be 36 watts. Of course, to use this power and fast charging, your device must support this amount of power and fast charging technology. Additionally, this cable supports Apple PD 20W fast charging protocol.
  • USB Type-C to Lightning cable has a smart chip that applies power according to the input power of your device and prevents damage to your device and battery by controlling the current and voltage.


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