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Wireless Charger FM Clock Radio Bluetooth Speaker - iHip SAM02

Save Rs.900

Color: Black
Rs.7,000 Rs.7,900


Charging Functions

When using the charging function, the charger must be plugged in, using the included Type-C cable.

Wireless Charging

Place the wireless enabled phone on the mobile phone holder to charge the phone.

  • If the charging is unstable, adjust the phone to ensure the wireless charging area is on the back of the phone, and the indicator light is on during wireless charging.
  • Some mobile phone cases may affect or hinder wireless charging transmission, remove the phone and try again.
  • When the metal is detected, the wireless charging indicator flashes, indicating that there are abnormal conditions. Remove the above metal to prevent the device from being overheated.

Wired Charging

Connect a standard USB-A cable to the USB Output. The red indicator is on when charging.

  • Power ON/OFF Long press Power Button Icon“Power” for two(2) seconds to power ON/OFF.
  • Switch Mode

Short presse Button Icon “Switch Mode” to switch modes. Long press Button Icon“Switch Mode” to adjust the BASS for radio and music modes.

Bluetooth Pairing

OTurn your device on and activate the Bluetooth® function. °Turn on the Bluetooth® Speaker. The Speaker automatically enter pairing mode when first turned on. €10n your device search for a Bluetooth device named “iHip FM Clock Radio”. Tap “iHip FM Clock Radio” to pair the device.

Speaker mode

Play/Pause: short presst Button Icon “Play/Pause.”
Answer/Hang up call: short press t”Button Icon Play/Pause.”
Clear Bluetooth pairing: long presst”Button IconPlay/Pause.”

Next song: short press Button Icon ‘Next/Up.”
Previous song: short press Button Icon “Previous/Down.”
Volume Up: long press Button Icon‘Next/Up.”
Volume Down: long presso Button Icon “Previous/Down.”

Radio Mode

Short press Button Icon ‘Next/Up” go to next channel.
Short press Button Icon “Previous/Down” go to previous channel.

Clock Mode

Short press Power Button Icon “Power” to switch to clock mode or switch from clock mode to working mode when power on.
Short press Button Icon“Next/Up” to increase hour/minute.
Short press Button Icon“Previous/Down” to decrease hour/minute.
Short press Button Iconto confirm hour/minute (when setting time)

Alarm Mode

Enter time setting: Double press “Alarm button”

Short press Button Icon“Next/Up” or Button Icon “Previous/Down” to increase or decrease hour and minutes.
Short presst”Play/Pause” to Confirm hour/minute:
Short press Button Icon ‘Alarm button” to confirm the alarm.
Once the alarm clock is set, a white dot will appear next to the clock numbers.
Turn Off alarm function: Short press Button Icon“Alarm button”

SNOOZE short press Button Icon “Next/Up” to snooze for 5mins
Shut down Alarm short press Button Icon“Previous/low”
To cancel the alarm scheduled, hold down the Button Icon“Alarm button” key until the white dot next to the clock number disappears.


  • Battery capacity: 1800MAH, 18650
  • Play time: 3H
  • Charging

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